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About Us

Chemi-Pharm AS is developing, producing and selling disinfection agents, cleaning and maintenance products and natural cosmetics. The company has been established in 1997 by Dr. Ruth Oltjer, who realised, due to her job in hospitals, the importance of qualitative, allergen-free disinfectants. As all medical personnel had to use agents which often caused skin irritations, she was forced to search for healthier alternatives. She found suitable items from England. These items became unexpectedly popular and soon, in order to handle all requests, she established the company. In 2000, Chemi-Pharm started manufacturing in Estonia. In collaboration with the best specialists in medical as well as in chemical sphere, product list has been gradually diversified.

Today the company has more than 100 different product items, which all meet the highest standards determined by local and European Union authorities. Hand in hand with local success (majority of Estonian hospitals use Chemi-Pharm production), export is blooming as well. The company has exported it's production to most of the EU-countries, to Russia, to ex-Soviet countries and to Asia.

Disinfectants and cleaning agents are mainly sold to medical institutions, dental offices, family doctor offices, schools, kindergartens, food industry companies, cleaning companies, sports centers, spas, etc. Cosmetical brand Domina Elegans is sold in beauty chains well as in small beauty-shops.

Baltic’s headquarters and warehouse are situated in Estonia, Tallinn.

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„There are so many products in today’s world. I have created a line that is luxurious and sophisticated, absorbs instantly and consists of natural ingredients. From us to You, with love and care.“ Ruth Oltjer, founder of D'Difference.

It is a different kind of skincare, based on a scientific and medical approach, sophisticated and in touch with nature! Good and constant care will work miracles. Let your skin say “Thank you!”, no matter your age or skin type. More info »

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