CP Fresh Foam 1000ml

1 L bottle with foamer spray

Fresh Foam

Fresh Foam is hygienic soap free foam for cleansing the hands and the body. It contains skin protecting, moisturising and smoothing agents. The foam contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components, which destroy bacteria on the skin and create an unfavourable environment for their growth. Skin protection components and panthenol calm the skin, improve subcutaneous blood circulation, which helps prevent bedsores; they stimulate the renewal of normal micro flora and protective functions of the skin. The product is very skin friendly. It is also suitable for cleaning intimate areas and injured skin.
Fresh Foam stimulates recovery of small wounds and eczema of bacterial and fungal origin. It is particularly suitable for hygienic cleansing of infants and bedridden patients in cases when washing is complicated.

Apply onto the skin, using a towel or washing glove if desired, let to take effect for a short time and wipe off with a damp cloth. Foam is generated without pressure gas, which is safe for the environment and which avoids the feeling of coldness on the skin.

The product meets the requirements of EN 13727.
Registered in Chemicals Notification Centre, Biocide registration certificate No.0036/05.

pH 6.5 – 7.5

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