CP Wash Cream 1000ml

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500 ml / 1000 ml 

CP Wash Cream

Skin cleansing cream, no rinse

CP WASH CREAM is a cream-based sensitive washing emulsion for cleansing the skin without soap and water. It is used for skin hygiene of incontinent patients who are bedridden and immobile. CP WASH CREAM is specially developed for people with sensitive skin and is suitable for a whole body wash. Unlike soap and water there is no need to rinse off. CP WASH CREAM removes perspiration salts and unpleasant body odours effectively and leaves the skin fresh and moisturised. It will also help to reduce skin inflammation as it contains panthenol and grape seed oil. CP WASH CREAM does not contain colorants or fragrance and is dermatologically tested. It is a perfect alternative in case of hypersensitivity to soaps.

USAGE: CP WASH CREAM can be used in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. Apply a sufficient amount of CP WASH CREAM to soft washing glove and distribute carefully on the skin, let it work for a while and wipe it clean.

pH 5,5

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