Medical Soap Sensitive

käte pesemine

500 ml bottle
1 L bottle
1 L dispenso package
5 L canister

Medical Soap Sensitive

Medical Soap Sensitive is a mild and skin-friendly liquid soap for frequent washing of the hands, body and hair. It removes dirt fast and efficiently. Contains substances that moisturise, soften and restore the lipid layers of the skin. Suitable for normal, dry and damaged skin. Non-irritant for the skin. The product is scentless, free of colorants, especially suitable for use in medical institutions and in food-processing industries where it is necessary to wash the hands frequently. Prevents premature aging of the skin.

Used in a concentrate form. Apply a small quantity of the soap to moist hands and rub it well, pay special attention to the finger tips, the area between the fingers, the wrists and the palms. Rinse.
Can be used for washing the whole body as well as the hair.

pH 5,5

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