Swell extra

PACKAGING:käte pesemine
1L bottle
5L canister


Swell extra

The product is intended for use in medical institutions, food processing industries and in places where frequent hygienic washing of the hands is necessary. The product contains an antimicrobial component that creates an unfavourable environment for bacterial growth, which is affective for many hours. The product also contains skin protection agents that maintain the normal pH and moisture balance in the deeper layers of the skin. Used for regular washing of the hands and body, also in cases of bacterial and mycotic eczema. Product has a mild odour. An odourless version of the product is available on request.


Apply a small quantity of the soap to moist hands and rub it well, pay special attention to the finger tips, the area between the fingers, the wrists and the palms. Rinse. Suitable also for washing hair and body (dilution 1:2).

pH 5,5

Registered in Chemicals Notification Centre, Biocide registration certificate No.0032/05.



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