Deso Scrub

Deso Scrub

For use as an antiseptic hand wash on the ward, a pre-operative surgical hand scrub and a preoperative skin antisepsis for the patient. Thanks to chlorhexidine gluconate, Deso Scrub offers a persistent and cumulative effect against a broad range of bacteria and fungi. Deso Scrub also contains moisturizers and emollients to prevent skin damage, dryness and irritation. These skin protection agents also maintain the normal pH and moisture balance in the deeper layers of the skin. Product has a mild odour.

Antiseptic hand wash – moisten hands and forearms, apply 5 ml of Deso Scrub and wash for one minute. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Pre-operative surgical hand scrub - moisten hands and forearms, apply 5 ml of Deso Scrub and wash hands and wrists until one minute has elapsed. Clean the fingernails with a brush or scraper. Rinse, apply again 5 ml of Deso Scrub and continue washing for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Pre-operative skin antisepsis (Pre-operative body wash) - the patient washes his whole body with 25 ml on at least two occasions. This is usually done the day before the operation and on the day of operation. After washing patient rinses his entire body thoroughly and dries with clean towel. Patients confined to bed can be washed with Deso Scrub using a standard bed-bath technique.

Disinfectant. Bactericide, fungicide, virucide.

Bacteria 1 min
Yeasts 1 min
Enveloped viruses 1 min

pH 6

250 ml bottle with pump
500 ml bottle
1 L bottle
1 L dispenso package
5 L canister

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