CP BioGloveCare

250 ml • pump bottle
500 ml • bottle with wall-bracket and without

Bio-Glove care

Bio-Glove Care is a quickly absorbing protective cream, which protects the skin against detergents, weak acids, alkali and other irritating agents. It is also suitable for protection in the case of contact allergy, and for people who have to wash hands frequently. Bio-Glove Care generates a barrier between the skin and the external environment. Detrimental agents cannot get in contact with the skin, but at the same time the skin retains its normal breathing. Bio-Glove Care contains unique natural emulsion of safflower oleosomes, which have very good softening and moisturising properties. Natural grape seed oil, rich of vitamin E and linolenic acid, comforts and calms irritated skin, repairs hypodermic blood circulation, fastens the recovery of normal skin micro flora and defence mechanism. Deep moisturising components provide 24-hour skin moisturising effect.

The product contains antioxidant (tocopherol) that prevents premature ageing of the skin, calms, moisturises and nourishes the skin. The product contains silicon oil making the skin water repellent, and glycerol for effective protection against harmful effects of the environment.

Bio-Glove Care is applied to clean and dry skin, rubbing it carefully into all areas that come in contact with irritating agents. A small amount of the cream is sufficient to form an efficient protective cover. The cream absorbs completely in about 3–5 minutes. During this time, the cream absorbs into the deep layers of epidermis and ensures efficient protection for up to four hours. In the case of allergies or a problematic skin it is recommended to apply Bio-Glove Care every time after washing hands with soap. In food processing industries it is recommended to wash the hands with clean water and dry them after application and absorbing of cream. This ensures that surplus cream will not get in touch with food, however its protective function is preserved in the deeper layers of the skin. Bio-Glove Care can be removed by washing the hands thoroughly with soap. It creates an efficient protection for sensitive and allergic skin. It is suitable for use in medical institutions and food processing industries. It protects the skin against the drying effect of alcohol mixtures and preserves the natural micro flora of the skin.

pH 7.0

Store at room temperature in a closed container, away from direct sunlight.

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