Soft Skin care

500 ml • pump and flipcap bottle
1 l • pump and flipcap bottle
5 l • container

Soft Skin care

Soft Skin Care is natural cream based sensitive washing emulsion for cleaning the skin without soap and water under the swaddle blanket. The washing emulsion is suitable for whole body wash. Soft Skin Care contains unique natural safflower oleosomes with excellent softening and moisturizing qualities.
Emulsion contains also anti-oxidant (tocopherol), that significantly reduces premature aging of the skin. Natural grape seed oil in the emulsion contains vitamin E and linoleic acid that calms, moistens and nourishes the skin. Deep moisturising components provide 24-hour skin moisturising effect. Panthenol is added for soothing irritated skin, improving subcutaneous circulation, preventing bedsores, and stimulating recovering normal micro flora and protective functions of the skin.

Pour a little quantity of washing emulsion to a washing glove or a towel and apply evenly to the skin, let it function for a while and wipe it clean.

pH 5.5–6.5

Store at room temperature in a closed container, away from direct sunlight.

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