Cascade High

Cascade High

Cascade High is a concentrated orange scented dishwashing detergent for washing all dishes such as pans, pots, faience dishes, porcelain and glassware. The product is also suitable for washing other water-tolerant surfaces.
Cascade High is a mild, but strong detergent which is sufficient for washing very greasy dishes.

Cascade High is neutral, it does not contain phosphates. The surfactants included in the product have very good fat emulsifying qualities. The excellent washing result is even guaranteed in tepid and hard water. The dishes and glassware are left with a brilliant shine after washing. Cascade High also contains compounds which protect and soften the skin.
It is suitable for use in food industries, healthcare and child care institutions.
Cascade High is economical to use, it can be diluted up to 1:2000.
Cascade High is environment-friendly, all components are biodegradable.

Add 1 – 2,5 ml of the detergent to 5 l of water. Place the dishes into the water and wash. Rinse. Protect from freezing. If the substance freezes, warm it up to room temperature and shake well.

pH 6-7

1L bottle
5L canister

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