Clean Pot

Cleanpot is colourless and odourless cleaning concentrate, what is specially designed to remove scale and corrosion in home appliance like water percolators, electrical water boilers, automatic dishwashers etc. Also qualifies for cleaning reusable coffee filters, ceramics and glassware.

Cleanpot is very effective and harmless at the same time. Product contains inorganic acid which properties are surface material, environmentally and user-friendly. Cleanpot removes scale without harming surface material.

Corrosion inhibitors are added into product to protect surfaces against corrosion. Product also contains of water softening complexing agents.


Drip coffee maker:
Pour 100 millilitres of Cleanpot into device and add 1 litre of water. Boil until all solution is dripped into can. Repeat the cleaning process with the same solution 2 to 3 times. To rinse, boil 2 to 3 times with clean water.

Electrical water boiler:
Pour 100 millilitres of Cleanpot into device and add 1 litre of water.Boil the solution and keep hot solution in boiler for about 10 to 15 minutes. Subsequently, rinse carefully. In case of harsh scale pour 200 millilitres of Cleanpot per 1 litre of water.

Automatic dishwasher:
Fill up the dishwasher with water and add 100 millilitres of Cleanpot. Use normal washing program.

Washing machines:
Dose 250 millilitres of Cleanpot into washing powder drawer and run normal washing program.

pH (of concentrate): 1 – 2


1 L – plastic bottle

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