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Bacticid AF Wipes

Alcoholic wipes for rapid disinfection of medical devices

• aldehyde, colourant and fragrance free
• effective against Noro, Adeno and Polio viruses
• good material compatibility
• residue free

BACTICID AF WIPES are ethanol-based rapid disinfection wipes for non-invasive medical devices and alcohol resistant surfaces. Disposable wipes are pre-soaked with BACTICID AF solution and come in a convenient and ready to use packaging. Perfect product in conditions with higher hygiene requirements, where rapid and regular surface disinfection is significant. BACTICID AF WIPES have a broad spectrum of bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE), mycobactericidal (incl. Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium terrae), fully virucidal (incl. all enveloped viruses, Adeno, Noro, Rota and Polio), fungicidal and yeasticidal activity.



USAGE: BACTICID AF WIPES are ready for use. Open the cover of the bucket and pull out the impregnated wipe up to the perforation. To tear off the wipe, pull it suddenly and at a slight angle. After tearing off the wipe, close the cover immediately to prevent the wipes drying . Thoroughly wipe the surface with the impregnated wipe, ensuring complete coverage. The surfaces must remain visibly moistened for 30 seconds to take effect. Rinsing of the surfaces is not required. BACTICID AF WIPES are a perfect product for rapid disinfection of surfaces likepatient nearby surfaces, operating tables, examination couches, bed frames and bedside tables, stretchers, patient chairs, wheelchairs, medical equipment, trays, trolleys, hospital and maternity beds.

EN 13624          EN 13697
EN 13727          EN 14348
EN 14476          EN 14561
EN 14562          EN 14563
EN 16615

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