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Recently detected 2019-nCoV outbreak of respiratory illness has occurred, affecting both patients and healthcare workers worldwide [1]. It has been suggested that healthcare workers who are exposed to coronavirus patients can be infected with the virus, regardless of the intensity of exposure.

The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV; Wuhan coronavirus), is positive-sense, enveloped, single-stranded RNA coronavirus, firstly identified by authorities in Wuhan, Hubei, China.
2019-nCoV is a contagious virus that causes respiratory infection and has shown evidence of human-to-human transmission. Genetic sequences of named 2019-nCoV have shown similarities to SARS-CoV.

Considering there is neither specific antiviral treatment nor vaccine to prevent 2019-nCoV, you have to pay an extreme attention to avoid being exposed to the virus.
It is recommended that wearing a face mask is the most important infection control tool, followed by appropriate hand hygiene, suggesting that droplets and hands play a major role in transmission of coronavirus. Hands may be contaminated by patient excretions or contact with contaminated surfaces. From the inanimate environment, nosocomial pathogens can be transmitted to hands quite easily.

Moreover, health care workers should perform hand hygiene frequently and in particular after removing gloves and gown; before removing a mask/facial protection or respirator; after touching respiratory secretions and after leaving the room; preferably using an alcohol-based hand rub (60-90%) within at least 15–30 seconds or soap and water if hands are visibly soiled.
It is well known and also cited in CDC and WHO guidelines [1, 2], that alcohols have immediate and notable activity against many different enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses, orthopoxvirus, influenza A virus, herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2, Newcastle disease virus, togavirus, vaccinia virus, BVDV, HBV, HCV, HIV etc.

Chemi-Pharm Ltd. has a long selection of alcohol-based hand and surface disinfectants that are tested against various enveloped viruses. Besides alcohol-based products, we have various virucidal disinfectants for surfaces and medical instruments with active ingredients like amines, quaternary ammonium compounds etc, presented in our homepage.

Please find our selection of products for handsurface and instrument disinfection, that have efficacy against novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

It is required to use each product as presented in specific instruction of use and to follow safety precautions.

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