BACTICID on alkoholi baasil valmislahus alkoholi taluvate pindade kiirdesinfektsiooniks. Valmislahusena on seda mugav kasutada. Meditsiiniseadmete desinfektsiooni tuleb teha regulaarselt vastavalt desinfektsiooniplaanile peale iga patsiendi visiiti. Tootes BACTICID on kasutatud puhast ja vähelenduvat etüülalkoholi, vältimaks respiratoorsete allergooside teket. BACTICID on laia fungitsiidse ja bakteritsiidse toimega, hävitab Gram-negatiivseid ja Gram-positiivseid baktereid, sh. tuberkuloosi tekitajat ja seeni, desaktiveerib nii ümbrisega kui ka ümbriseta viirusi ( sh HBV, HIV, rota- ja adeno).

  • 500 ml spray
  • 1000 ml spray
  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml

Bacticid is an effective product for quick disinfection of surfaces like operating tables, stretchers, patient chairs, hospital and maternity beds, wheelchairs, as well as for quick disinfection under high sanitary requirements, where disinfecting is the major preventive measure for avoiding infection.
Bacticid is used as a ready solution for disinfection of alcohol-resistant surfaces of medical devices. Bacticid is not to be diluted. If the surface tolerance is unknown, try it out on an inconspicuous spot. This product is not suitable for acrylic glass or alcohol soluble varnish. The preparation is sprayed on the surfaces of medical devices and spread. The surfaces must be completely covered with the substance. Disinfection of surfaces must take place regularly. Contact time 30 seconds.


Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus aureus
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Streptococcus feacalis
Mycobacterium terrae
Mycobacterium avium
Candida albicans
HBV / HCV / HIV viruses
Adeno virus
Herpes simplex virus
Rota virus
Vaccina virus
BVDV virus
Noro virus

Registered in State Agency of Medicines, Faculty of Medical Devices.
Owns CE mark according to Directive of Medical Device(MDD).

The substance is highly flammable.
Keep away from sources of ignition, no smoking!
In case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water, seek medical help if necessary.
Do not preserve near open fire and hot surfaces.
Follow the instructions for use and safety precautions of disinfectants containing alcohol and the technical safety regulations.
Preserve closed.


EN 1040 EN 1275 EN 1276
EN 1650 EN 13624 EN 13697
EN 13727 EN 14348 EN 14476
EN 14561 EN 14562 EN 14563