High level disinfection and cleaning agent for medical instruments

CHEMIDES PULVER is a cleaning and disinfection agent for making high level disinfecting solution for reusable medical devices, surfaces and instruments (endoscopes, bronhoscopes, laparoscopes, intubation tubes, anesthesia devices). CHEMIDES PULVER is a hygroscopic powder which dissolves completely in water. During the dissolution active oxygen releases from powder and together with an activator theyform a peracetic acid which has very strong disinfectant properties. The powder is evironmentally safe as it decomposes into water and oxygen.

  • 28 x 17,5g
  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg

Prepare working solution by dissolving powder in lukewarm water. For one liter working solution add 17,5 grams of powder (one dosing spoon in one liter of water). Add additional 17,5 grams for each litre of water. Mix the solution thoroughly (2-3 minutes) until the majority of the powder is dissolved and wait 15 minutes to activate the solution. Exposure time is 15 minutes.

FOR CLEANING AND DISINFECTION of medical devices and instruments apply solution to the surface or sink objects into the solution, keep for nessesary time and rinse with sterile water if necessary. A working solution needs to be replaced daily or when the appearance, colour or transparency of the solution have changed. Use test strips to check the activity of the solution.

FOR HIGH LEVEL DISINFECTION AND CHEMICAL STERILIZATION of medical devices and instruments - submerge precleaned objects entirely in prepared solution. After the recommended time of effect, rinse all instruments thoroughly under running water of minimum drinking water quality. Replace the solution after each sterilization cycle. Use only freshly made solution.

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