Aldehyde-based high level disinfectant for medical instruments and endoscopes

• ready to use solution
• broad efficacy
• excellent material compatibility
• convenient to use, no activator required

CHEMIHYD DES is a ready to use solution for high level disinfection of all kinds of thermostable and thermolabile medical instruments. Due to its material-friendly composition, CHEMIHYD DES is especially suitable for disinfection of both flexible and rigid endoscopes. CHEMIHYD DES has a broad spectrum of bactericidal (incl. MRSA), mycobactericidal (incl. Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium terrae) and yeasticidal activity. The product is also active against all enveloped viruses (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia) and spores (incl. Clostridium difficile).

  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml
Field of application

CHEMIHYD DES is suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics and other medical institutions. CHEMIHYD DES is suitable for instruments such as endoscopes, bronchoscopes, laryngoscopes, surgical and optical instruments, biopsy tongs, intubation and aspiration tubes, kidney bowls, stomatological instruments, etc. CHEMIHYD DES cannot be used together with preparations based on amines, therefore avoid using products which contain amines before and after disinfecting with CHEMIHYD DES. STANDARDS: EN 13624 EN 13704 EN 13727 EN 14348 EN 14476