CHLORINEX-60 is completely soluble, effectively disinfects tablets containing sodium dichloroisocyanurates. Due to its unique mechanism of action, sodium dichloroisocyanurate is up to twenty times more effective than conventional hypochlorite products.
The working solution has bactericidal (including Mycobacterium terrae), fungicidal, virucidal, and sporicidal properties. The disinfectant properties of the agent increase with increasing concentration.

  • 300 pcs
Field of application

CHLORINEX-60 is used for disinfection of all washable surfaces and equipment in food industry, hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, day care centres, saunas, toilets, sanitary rooms and elsewhere where disinfection and removal of the unpleasant odours is required. MICROBIOLOGY: CHLORINEX-60 is a bactericide, fungicide, virucide and sporocide. STANDARDS: EN 1276 EN 1650 EN 13624 EN 13697 EN 13704 EN 13727 EN 14348 EN 14476