Neutral all purpose cleaning agent

Neutral Cleaner is an effective universal cleaner, which is used for cleaning all water resistant surfaces. The pH of the product is neutral which makes it well suited for cleaning polished floors, as well as for everyday care of painted, PVC and linoleum surfaces and floors. It is also suitable for use in floor washing machines.

Nautral Cleaner does not contain abrasive ingredients, therefore it does not damage the glossiness of polished or painted surfaces. It is also well suited for use in spray bottles. Product has a pleasant scent.
The agent is biodegradable, the working solution can be poured directly into the sewer.

  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml

General cleaning, daily care of surfaces:
For weakly soiled surfaces and in floor washing machines: 1-2,5 ml/5 l water
For moderately soiled surfaces: 5 ml/5 l water

Basic cleaning:
Strongly soiled surfaces: 10 – 20 ml/5 l water.
Removing of stains: possible to use in a concentrate form.

Rinsing is necessary in general cleaning and stain removing.

The washing solution is applied onto floors with a mop or spray. In the case of strongly soiled surfaces, let the solution take effect for a few minutes.

The working solution is made by dissolving the agent in water (+ 20 - + 400C). The ready made working solution can be stored for 60 days in a closed container, the used solution is effective for 24 hours.

pH: product and working solution 7.0