WIPER EXTRA is a strong and highly alkaline grease remover that effectively dissolves grease, soot, solidified dirt and floor wax. Used for removing both metallised and non-metallised waxes from floors.As WIPER EXTRA is highly alkaline, it is not suitable for cleaning floors made of natural materials.

  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml

Daily cleaning of floors: 1 -2 ml / 5 l water
Less soiled surfaces: 2 - 5 ml / 5 l water
Moderately soiled floors: 5 - 10 ml / 5 l water
Removal of fat, soot and dried dirt: 100 - 200 ml / 5 l water
Removal of old floor wax: 250 - 500 ml / 5 l water
The washing solution is applied onto the floor. For cleaning heavily soiled surfaces or for removal of wax let it take effect for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse the surfaces.

The concentrate irritates the eyes and skin.
In case of eye contact: rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Use proper protective gloves.

Concentrate: 13
Working solution: 10-12