Strongly alkaline detergent for removing fat and wax

Wiper Extra is a heavy duty fat removing agent which efficiently dissolves fats, soot, dried dirt and floor wax. Used for removing both metallised and non-metallised waxes from floors.Since the product is highly alkaline, the product is not suitable for cleaning floors made of natural materials. The substance is biodegradable, therefore working solutions can be poured directly into the sewer.

  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml

Daily cleaning of floors: 1 -2 ml / 5 l water
Less soiled surfaces: 2 - 5 ml / 5 l water
Moderately soiled floors: 5 - 10 ml / 5 l water
Removal of fat, soot and dried dirt: 100 - 200 ml / 5 l water
Removal of old floor wax: 250 - 500 ml / 5 l water
The washing solution is applied onto the floor. For cleaning heavily soiled surfaces or for removal of wax let it take effect for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse the surfaces.

The concentrate irritates the eyes and skin.
In case of eye contact: rinse immediately with plenty of water.
Use proper protective gloves.

Concentrate: 13
Working solution: 10-12