Cleaning and disinfection plan

Create a cleaning and disinfection plan with Chemi-Pharm products.



D’DIFFERENCE is the science of skincare. Invented by an MD, developed by chemists in our own labs, and produced with cold-mixing technology, our active ingredients are 100-percent natural.

D’DIFFERENCE is a natural version of products originally created for use by physicians to solve acute clinical problems. True to our medical roots, D’DIFFERENCE products are formulated through evidence-based results from extensive testing, yet our Nordic heritage means we embrace the natural, living as part of nature, never separate.

In this age of eco, it seems everyone with a kitchen is creating skincare products. But we take pride in the fact that ours are backed by science, meet ISO 9001 production standards, and leave the skin healthy both inside and out.

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Medihex is a science-based health and pharmaceutical brand with a focus on creating a sense of security and well-being for people. Medihex’s products are high-tech, born of collaboration between researchers, universities and recognized companies.

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