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AS Chemi-Pharm received a building permit for the construction of a pharmaceutical factory in Saku Municipality and plans to commence construction within the year. The three-storey 8500 m² end-to-end solution to be integrated with the existing building was designed by Innopolis Insenerid OÜ. The construction company will be determined in the course of the procurement.

“Entering the pharmaceutical market and creating a production unit based on cleanroom technology is an important step for Chemi-Pharm in continuing with innovation and the rapid development of the company. Having its own pharmaceutical industry provides Estonia with the competence to produce medicines and vaccines and also mitigates risks. As a research-intensive company, we see great potential for innovation in the expansion of production,” said CEO of Chemi-Pharm Kristo Timberg.

“In the last decade, Innopolis Insenerid OÜ has designed more than 140,000 m2 of healthcare and pharmacy-related buildings, which makes us one of the leading companies in designing such structures in the Nordic and Baltic countries. In our cooperation with Chemi-Pharm in designing the pharmaceutical factory, we have combined the best medical and pharmaceutical knowledge of two strong Estonian companies,” added Member of the Management Board of Innopolis Insenerid OÜ Oivo Manninen.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for both disinfectants and medicines all over the world. Chemi-Pharm has managed to supply Estonian hospitals, nursing homes and a number of other healthcare institutions with disinfectants and care products during the pandemic.

As a pioneer in research-intensive entrepreneurship, Chemi-Pharm invests at least two percent of its turnover in research and development. One example of this is the innovative BioBlock nasal spray containing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, which was developed in cooperation with Estonian scientists.

AS Chemi-Pharm was established in 1997. The research-driven company employs approximately 80 people and exports its products to 27 countries. AS Chemi-Pharm, which was named Estonian Company of the Year this year, develops, produces and distributes disinfectants, personal hygiene products and cleaning and special care products.

Innopolis Insenerid OÜ is an architecture and engineering company established in 2007 which specialises in providing full-service construction design solutions in Estonia and the Nordic countries. As one of Estonia’s largest companies of its kind, Innopolis Insenerid is a valued partner in constructing energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.