SMELL NET on vedel kontsentraat pindade pesemiseks, desinfitseerimiseks ja uriini lõhna eemaldamiseks.
SMELL NET on bakteritsiidse, viirusi inaktiveeriva (k.a HBV ja HIV) ja seeni hävitava toimega. Toode on lõhnastatud ja peale kasutamist jääb ruumidesse värske ning meeldiv piparmündi lõhn.

  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml

Smell Net is intended for cleaning and disinfection of water-tolerant surfaces in hospitals, sanatoriums, care centres and homes for the aged, child care institutions, saunas, pools, veterinary clinics and anywhere else where disinfection, washing, and elimination of the smell of urine is necessary.
The product can also be used to remove the smell of urine from areas where regular cleaning substances cannot be used. For example, it is possible to remove the unpleasant smell of urine from cracks where it has soaked and collected over time. Contact of Smell Net with a critical area is enough to trigger a chemical reaction which makes the smell of urine disappear. Also product is suitable using at homes for removal pets urine smell.

1% working solution (10 ml Smell Net for 990 ml water) acts both in rooms and upon the items and equipment located therein (floors, walls, toilet rooms, toilet bowls and bed pans).
The surfaces need not be rinsed with water. Smell Net dissolves also old urine. The bed pans should be rinsed after the time of effect. Recommended time of effect is 5 minutes.
HBV and HIV prophylaxis requires a 2% working solution (20 ml Smell Net for 980 ml water). The time of effect is 15 minutes.

Ready working solution can be stored for 14 days. The used solution is effective for 7 days, change the solution according to contamination.

The product meets the requirements of EN 13727.

Meet the safety requirements when handling. Follow the instructions for use. Contains biocide!
The concentrate irritates the eyes and skin.
In case of eye contact rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical help if necessary.
Use proper protective gloves.

pH concentrate 1 – 2
working solution 3